Messier 42: The Orion Nebula

As we welcome the arrival of Winter we also welcome the return of the most fascinating nebula, Messier 42 - The Orion Nebula. Naked eye visible as the center star in Orion's sword, the Orion Nebula lies 1,500 light years distant making it the closest star forming region to Earth. I shot this at Frosty Drew Observatory in Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA


Camera: Canon 60D MagicLantern

ISO: 5000
Exposure: 60 seconds x 10 subs, 20 seconds x 10 subs
This is a median and exposure (HDR) composite of 20 shots

Messier 42: The Orion Nebula

Messier 42: The Orion Nebula

Description and EXIF

Photographer: Scott MacNeill